Cord Shortner

The Cord Shortener is designed to prevent access and tripping hazards caused by unused portions of electrical cords. The lightweight and sturdy plastic compartment holds up to 15cm of cord and is child resistant in design. Find your nearest store or contact our Customer Service team for more information.
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"The Cord Shortener is designed to store an unused portions of an electrical cord that may cause tripping hazards to both your children and yourself. The item is lightweight, durable and sturdy in design that holds the cord, and has a rotating handle that retracts the cord when turned.

It is able to take up to 6" of standard extension cords and blends well with any decor.

Holds up to 15cm of standard extension cords

Made of white durable plastic

Child resistant design

Long lasting and blends with any decor

Difficult for child to defeat but easy for adults to use

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