With so many passive hazards in the home; it’s hard to know where to start with the daunting baby proofing process.

Start by downloading this home safety checklist that guides you through the hazard and safety remedy, room by room.

Shop online or in-store to quickly tick the boxes so you can get back the most important thing, spending time with the new member of your family. We have you covered from table corner bumpers for your coffee table to supports for your TV, to help baby proof your living areas.

In the kitchen, we’ll help you keep sharp knives away from curious hands through to appliance specific locks for your oven and fridge doors.

In the Bathroom, we have spout covers, thermometers, non-slip pads and more. For the bedroom, there’s draw latches, door knob covers and night lights to make night time toilet trips safer.

As your child grows, new hazards will present themselves. Start with this handy checklist to protect your child for those vulnerable first life stages.

Download Checklist