If you didn’t check out other parents prams before you had kids, there is no doubt in my mind you have been since finding out you’re expecting. A sly glance at the wheels at the supermarket, checking out the roominess of the bassinet at your local cafe - but I bet the place where you spend most of your spying on prams is online. Instagram, Facebook, Companies websites - and of course the moment you like one pram, suddenly prams are popping up in your feed everyday, because that is the *blessing* of big brother watching!

It can be really difficult to cut through the shiny words and glossy families in advertisements, as you worry about costs and functionality - what pram is really going to suit your budget and needs? How important is that automatic breaking anyway? Should you really get a double pram, just in case you have another baby close together? And what is the different between 3 and 5 point harnessing! Myths be gone, we need some hard facts.

Myth: You have to spend a small fortune for a quality pram.

While the saying ‘buy nice or buy twice’ definitely rings true in many things in life, it honestly doesn’t have to be the case with prams. Why? Because the market is so large and diverse, it has allowed quality companies to make a product without charging you an arm and a leg. Every single person who has a child will inevitably end up needing or using a pram at some stage. We know that safety doesn’t have to be compromised for budgets, and while there are prams on the market that cost more than your first car did, it doesn’t mean they are any safer or more reliable. Things to keep an eye out for and not compromise on, in my experience, are things like 5 point safety harnesses, a large and easily accessible baggage space underneath (that isn’t reduced when seating arrangements are swapped), and a fabulous turning circle. While you might be swayed by big brand names or cost points I highly urge you to go into a store and try some out for yourself. It made the world of difference to me, and I ended up really happy with our choices.

Myth: 2 seats are better than 1.

“Just get a convertible double pram, it makes sense for when baby two comes along!”.

While you might be thinking about having a quick turn around when it comes to having more children, getting the double pram might not always make the most sense. Mostly, it comes down to your lifestyle - and while there are some wonderful double prams on the market, they will always be more bulky, heavier and sometimes harder to manoeuvre than a single. We have a small gap with our children, and I really felt the difference when upgrading to two seats. It took us two prams to find the one that worked the best for our lifestyle. If you’re somebody who likes being active and walking regularly or someone who spends a lot of time in cafes or places where a larger pram will be harder to fit, or even just someone who gets in and out of the car a lot - a double pram from the get go might not be the best option. You really need to have a play around with them and see what is going to be the most comfortable for you to be getting in and out of your boot and putting together!

Myth: Size doesn’t matter.

Pram size MATTERS. We are smack bang in the middle of our double pram life and while I am beyond happy with the choice we made, I cannot wait to downsize again to a single. Ah, getting out of the car and flipping open a small travel size pram is the thing of dreams for someone with 2 under 2! As the above point states - check your lifestyle.